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                    Skype-IM with free video calls worldwide

                    Skype enables you to talk, make video & conference calls, send instant message, and quickly transfer files – all at no cost to over 380 million other Skype users around the world!

                    SkypeOut is a great, money-saving way to call landlines and cell phones.International calls start from just 0.019 euro per minute.

                    Making Skype long distance calls to landline and cell phones at only 10% of IP phone calling rates.

                    If your access to the Skype site fails, please try the Skype China site instead.

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                    Destination Calling Rate (CNY)
                    Standard IP Rate CNY/min Skype Rate CNY/min Save About
                    USA(excl. Alaska) 2.4 0.19 92.92%
                    Canada 2.4 0.19 92.92%
                    China 0.3 0.19 43.33%
                    Japan(landline only) 3.6 0.23 94.72%
                    Korea Republic(landline only) 3.6 0.19 95.28%
                    Singapore 3.6 0.19 95.28%
                    Australia(landline only) 3.6 0.19 95.28%
                    Germany(landline only) 3.6 0.19 95.28%
                    United Kingdom(landline only) 3.6 0.19 95.28%
                    France(landline only) 3.6 0.19 95.28%
                    Italy(landline only) 3.6 0.19 95.28%
                    Hong Kong 1.5 0.19 88.67%
                    Taiwan(landline only) 1.5 0.19 88.67%